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Taxi Touting

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Taxi Touting

Taxi Touting is where an unlicensed vehicle operates as a taxi/ cab without satisfying relevant criteria. Taxis and cabs are vehicles which are legally hired to carry passengers. It is a criminal offence for other vehicles to display the word “taxi”, “cab” or “hire” or to solicit people in a public place to hire vehicles to carry them as passengers. Registered private hire vehicles are not permitted to collect fee paying passengers from the “street” unless they are displaying a private hire sign and they have been booked through a licensed operator prior to undertaking the hired journey. This of course excludes registered Taxi cabs that display a private hire sign. If charged with a touting offence then the facts of the case will be reviewed and it is the court’s interpretation of the defendant’s actions that would lead to either an acquittal or conviction.

The penalty for touting is a fine only and that reason often it is added the charge for driving without a valid policy of insurance. This offence carries a possible penalty of between 6-8 points and a maximum £5000 fine.
If we succeed in successfully defending the touting charge, the insurance allegation should also fail.

A person who is convicted of this offence will be liable for Level 4 fine which is up to £2500.