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Below are our Fee Structure.

Our Fees

Please refer to our fees below for straight forward cases, which are based on a fixed fee agreement. Our fees are uniquely based to fit our fee earners’ knowledge and expertise. However, in absence of fixed fees, we charged hourly basis for all other work. For more details, please call our office.

What if my case is not straight forward or complex?

Please note that our existing hourly rate is £230.00, however this is subject to individual cases. Upon quoting we will take into consideration the complexity of your case as well as the level of service you require.

Please feel free to call us on: 020 7650 7970 to discuss our fees directly with you to give approximate costs on your matter.

What does the fee include?

Our fees range only deal with the office-based work and our legal costs. This fee are not included any Home Office fees, Court fees or any departmental fees and disbursement fees.

What is additional work?

Further costs will be incurred in respect of any additional or complex work required and we shall discuss these with you should that situation arise.

VAT will apply when we charge VAT.

Fee earner category and applicable rates:

Principle Solicitor (Grade A Solicitors): £250.00 per hour

*All fee earning members are subject to strict supervision

Type of Application / Matter

Our fee range *depending on complexity

One Off Consultation or Initial Advice £60.00 – for 20 minutes. Should you require more time, the fee will increase after every half an hour.
Citizenship (Naturalization or Registration) £550.00
EEA applications (e.g. Registration Certificate, Permanent Residence or Family Members) £800.00
Partner or parent applications – Further Leave to Remain (FLR) in-country. £800.00
Partner or parent applications – Entry Clearance from Abroad) £800.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) e.g. based on Long Residence, family relationships, or other routes £900.00
Points Based System applications (in-country or from abroad) ·       Tier 1: £1500.00

·       Tier 2: £1000.00

·       Tier 4: £650.00

First Tier Tribunal Grounds- £500

Court Representation – £1250.00

Deportation ·       Initial stage including representations: £1000
Judicial Reviews Initial application for Leave for JR – £2000.
Asylum Applications and Appeals Asylum Submission – £600

Grounds- £400

Bundle preparation: £500

Advocacy- £1000 (1st day)

Motoring Offences  ·       Initial stage including Taking instructions and submitting initial representation £350.00

·       Court Representation:  £750.00

Employment Tribunal Claims for
Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal
We can deal either fixed fees or Hourly rates
Our Fixed Fees

·       Preparation of basic ET1 and particulars of claim £350.00

·       Preparation of detailed ET1 and particulars of claim £550.00

·       Preparation of List of Documents £150.00

·       Preparation of detailed list of documents £300.00

·       Preparation of basic schedule of loss £150.00

·       Preparation of detailed schedule of loss £250.00

·       Preparation of single witness statement £450.00

·       Preparation of more detailed witness statement on complex claims £750.00

·       Preparation of instructions to a barrister for the case £400.00



Child contact 

Initial application for Divorce and child arrangement order – £600. Further fees will incur depending on complexity of the individual’s case.


Court representation- Full day trial: £1000 & half day trial/ Direction hearing: £500

Commercial Lease Assignment of lease/ lease transfer- £1000. However, if the matter is involved in any additional work, the fees will incur according to the work done.
Landlord & Tenant Solicitor’s notice: 350.00

Application to the court for eviction notice or to stop the eviction notice – £500.00. Court advocacy by solicitor – £500 per day inner London. Outside London: £500+ Travel costs.

Litigation Any Notice – £350. Further fees will depend on the nature of work.
Power of Attorney Drafting power of attorney for one land/ property – £300.00
Will Drafting will: £300-£500
Business Deed Drafting – Minimum £500
Probate Initial application- £600


If any disputes between the parties: fees will be accrued on hourly basis.

Food and Hygiene Appeal submission: £400

Court representation and bundle preparation: £1000 (Inner London)

Outside London: £1000+ travel costs.

Health & Safety Appeal submission: £400

Court representation and bundle preparation: £1000 (Inner London)

Outside London: £1000+ travel costs.

Right to buy for the residential property Fixed fee: £1500. However, for any additional work charge will be on hourly basis upon agreed with the client.
Name Change Deed £150.00
Sponsorship declaration £150.00
DWP/Benefit Applications & Appeals








Applications for all types of Benefits – £450

Reconsiderations – £350

Grounds of Appeal – £350

Court Appearance (in London) – £400 (minimum) depending on complexity of case

Court Appearance (outside London) – £750

Bundle preparation – £ 400

Preparations of Witness Statements – £300 minimum (depending on complexity).

Please note that the above court representation fees are only for the solicitor or solicitor’s agent, not for the Barrister.

This is not the complete statement of fees. We will upload the complete structure of the fees soon.