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Premium (‘Same Day’) Application

The UK Border Agency offers a Premium (Same Day) application service for several categories of application. Premium (Same Day) appointments should be used for applications that are deemed to be straightforward, and are unlikely to require prolonged investigation by the UK Border Agency caseworker assessing the case. Providing the application is straightforward, the same day process can allow individuals to avoid normal lengthy processing times. In order for an individual to submit an application “directly” using the Premium Service, an appointment must be set with the UK Border Agency. However, securing an appointment can be very difficult and time consuming due to a shortage of appointment slots. Individuals may repeatedly fail to secure appointments, and where they succeed, their appointment is likely to be in several weeks’ time.

An individual may be able to apply at a premium service centre if they are already living in the UK and wishes to either:

  • Extend their limited leave to remain applications (extension applications)
  • Or settle permanently in the UK  settlement application; Indefinite Leave to Remain

Please note: when applying for settlement, premium service appointment must be

  • At least 48 hours after your Life in the UK Test


  • Within 28 days of completing your qualifying period

Kingdom Solicitors are able to secure appointment slots for the following types of applications:

  • Further Leave to Remain (FLR (O)
  • SET (O) – Indefinite Leave to Remain, including those made under the HSMP Forum Judicial Review
  • SET(M) – Indefinite leave to remain for spouse visa holders
  • No Time Limit applications
  • Point Based System [PBS] Tier 1 (General (including HSMP extensions) and Post Study Work). Please note, that applications for Tier 1 (Investors) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) cannot be made using the Premium Service.
  • Tier 2 Visa Applications
  • Tier 4 
  • Point Based System (PBS ) Dependents


Currently, to apply via premium (day) service at a premium service centre, the fees stand at £400.00 this fee is in addition to the standard application fee and the health surcharge.

Please note: Premium Services Fees are exempted for individuals who are:

  1. Applying for an European Economic Area (EEA) registration certificate or;
  2. Of Croatian Nationality and intend to work in the UK.


Our fee for a Premium (Same Day) is £1,000 in addition to our normal postal charge.

If you require a Premium (Same Day) appointment, please contact us by calling 020 7650 7970.