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Kingdom Solicitors > NAME CHANGE DEED


If a person wishes to change their name, they may require a deed poll. This is a legal document that proves a change of name. A person may change any part of their name, add or remove names including hyphens and changing spelling of names.

We, at kingdom solicitors, charge a small fee for this deed poll.


You must be a least 18 years or over to make a deed poll/

There are extra rules about changing a child’s name.

In order to change a child’s name, under 18 (‘minor’); you’ll need either:

  • Agreement of everyone with parental responsibility of the child in question


  • A court order*

*You must try to reach agreement before you seek such a court order.

Marriage and civil partnership

If you’re in a marriage or civil partnership. You do need a deed poll to take your spouse/partner’s name. Your documents will be updated for free upon showing your original marriage/ civil partnership certificates to the relevant record holders.

In the event of divorce/ dissolution of civil partnership

You may be able to obtain your original surname by showing record holders one of the following:

  • marriage certificate and decree absolute
  • civil partnership certificate and final order

Please note, some organisations won’t change your name back without a deed poll.