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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence as bullying- both men and women can be bullies. Bullying can be defined as a ‘systematic abuse of power’. Men tend to use more physical aggression and women tend to use more relational aggression. Both can have a devastating effect on their victim.

Many people struggle in relationships where violence is a factor. We offer advice and assistance in obtaining non-molestation injunctions and in securing the occupancy of the matrimonial/family home..Domestic violence assault occurs in our society regardless of social class or race. IT isn’t just women who are victims, there are abused men too.Statistics indicate that almost a third of abused women and nearly two thirds of abused men tell no-one of the worst incidents. Many people do not know where to get help for domestic violence. We can provide you with advice in relation to domestic violence for women and children as well as for men. Often domestic abuse sufferers experience loss of self-esteem which makes it difficult for them to take and follow through the steps necessary to leave an abusive relationship. They don’t know where to get help for abuse and are scared. It is harmful for a child to see or hear domestic violence being inflicted upon another. Persons who perpetrate violence frequently minimize or deny the abuse and blame the sufferer for causing the situation.