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Off License Permission

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Off License Permission:

To Get an Off-Licence for Your Shop: Under “
Licensing Act 2003”-
When you submit your application, following persons will consult on your application: the Metropolitan Police; the Council’s Health and Safety Officer, or Health and Safety Executive where appropriate; the Council’s Environmental Health Officer; the Fire Service; the Council’s Planning Officer.
Any of these people are entitled to make representations about your application, providing they are relevant to any of the four licensing objectives. Local residents and businesses may also make representations, providing they are relevant to the objectives.

What happens if Relevant Representations are made?
The Council’s Licensing Sub Committee will determine your application. The Committee is comprised of elected Members of the Council.
You will be invited to attend the meeting to give evidence, answer questions, and call any witnesses.
The Committee will listen to evidence from both sides before deciding whether to grant the variation. They may grant it as requested, grant with conditions (provided these are relevant to the licensing objectives) or refuse your application.


If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the Council, you may appeal to the Magistrates Court for the petty session’s area in which the premises are situated, within
21 days of being notified of the Council’s decision.