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Possesion Order

Kingdom Solicitors > Possesion Order

Our expert staff will discuss and advise you on the best route to take during your eviction process.

The court can decide to make:

  • an outright possession order: This means that you may have to leave the property by the date given in the order. In exceptional circumstances you can ask the court to delay eviction for up to six weeks.
  • a suspended or postponed possession order. This means you can stay in your home if you keep to certain conditions which are stated on the court order. If you do not keep to all the conditions, your landlord can apply to the court for a date to be fixed for when you have to leave. After this date passes your landlord can then apply for the bailiffs to evict you.
  • a money judgement against you. This is an order that says that you must pay what you owe to your landlord, regardless of whether you are evicted. We specialise in the following:
  • Succession of council tenancy
  • Eviction notice
  • Possession order
  • Injunction against possession order

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